Jaime Edmondson Dating Evan Longoria? Damn You, Longoria! [PHOTOS]

Nope, we have no specific news that Evan Longoria and BC Hall of Famer Jaime Edmondson (Playboy’s Miss January 2010) are dating, but these two kids looked awfully happy to be hanging out together today (above) at Disney World’s Animal Kingdom. Either they’re dating or their dogs are dating because we’ve never seen more doggy sleepovers at Longoria’s place in Twitter history. Edmondson’s dachshund, Molly. Longoria’s bull terrier, Jango.

Longoria sent out this tweet just after lunch:

.@jaimeedmondson Disney World! First stop Animal Kingdom. Feel like a kid again. Always good to stay young at heart!

As for the dog photos, it seems Longoria might have another dog named Tatum (see below). Here are four dogs spending the night at Evan’s house last week. Yep, Jaime’s precious wiener dog is chilling in the Rays third basemen’s pad. The little dog laying at the 50-yard-line to the TV belongs to David Price. Not sure what breed that one is.

Jaime tweeted:

@DAVIDprice14 Someone is being a very good boy at his doggie sleepover!

Again, either Longoria is officially announcing a relationship here or there’s about to be a new pet rescue in Tampa. No, we’re not on the phone with Jaime on a monthly basis. Just because she posed in Cam Newton’s pants doesn’t mean BC starts nosing around in her personal life on a constant basis.


However, when photos from Disney and doggie sleepovers start appearing, the world needs to know about these events. The Internet thrives on stories involving Playboy/MLB/Dogs/The Face of Baseball, Circa ’12. Also, we’re like eight days from the first pitch at Spring Training. Time to update the WAG lists!

And, if in fact there is a Longoria-Edmondson love connection (not just doggie sleepovers), the price of those Cam Newton pants just went up at least $2,500. Let’s not kid ourselves, Longoria is only 26, has been to three all-star games, has two Gold Gloves and was the 2008 Rookie of the Year. We’re like three degrees away from pretty much every great athlete under 30 with those pants.

Kudos to these two. Baseball is off to a smoking hot start already this season.

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