Tennis Legend Mats Wilander’s House On Market For Nearly 4 Years; $5.9MM [PHOTOS]


Yes, you don’t give two sh*ts about what old tennis legend Mats Wilander is up to these days. Ahh, but you should. This guy, not normally thought of as a business legend, is sitting on one of the most valuable pieces of property/house combinations in Sun Valley, Idaho. The trouble is finding someone willing to drop $6,000,000 on this insane 10,500 sq. ft. monster that includes 9 bathrooms. Before you ask, no tennis court. Go figure. 

Get this – Wilander is estimated to have only made $8mm in his tennis career (won 7 career majors). Meanwhile, it was announced yesterday that Allen Iverson is said to have run through $164mm. Broke. That’s why we’re intrigued by this Wilander character. Just sitting on this giant piece of land in Idaho waiting to get paid. Only problem is that his kids are taking off for college and there’s no need for 10k sq. ft. anymore.

Mats & his wife only spent $1.8mm for the property in 1997. They added the house, caretaker house, etc., etc. In other words, they are probably going to break even. As soon as this BC gig ends one of these days my ass will be working with Mats in some capacity. Sweedish moneybags.

Highlights of Mats Wilander’s Insane Idaho Pad:

• Using bunkbeds, this place sleeps like 54 people.

• 7 legit bedrooms, 9 baths

• Music room (sound proof!)

• Lap pool & hot tub

• River and creek run through property

• Awe-inspiring snow covered mountains to peruse

• A pond!

• Chef’s kitchen

Asking price: $5,900,000

Mortgage: $34,690/mo. (20% down, blah, blah, blah)

[Buy Mats Wilander’s House In Idaho – Trulia]

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