Matt Barkley’s Valentine’s Gift: Girlfriend Brittany Langdon [PHOTOS]

Matt Barkley could have turned pro a month ago, started preparing to be a top-10 NFL pick and take his girlfriend Brittany Langdon to New York City where he’d become an instant multi-millionaire. Instead, the two are likely Skyping today for Valentine’s Day. Barkley tweeted this shot of Britt in an insane dress (she’s a college soccer player) for you guys to get an idea of what he’s pulling with his draft status.

Barkley tweeted this morning:

Missing my Valentine right now… But distance makes the heart grow fonder! #HappyValentinesDay

Quite the wordsmith. That Skype session should be out of control around 8 PST. Langdon plays soccer at Seattle Pacific University, hence the poetry from Barks.

[ @MattBarkley]


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