LINSANITY: Chinese SportsCenter Has Trouble Translating ‘Who’s Your Daddy’ [VIDEO]


These Chinese people are killing us with their sudden interest in American-born Jeremy Lin. The highlights from Asian broadcasts are making their way to YouTube and what we’ve learned is that these freaks can’t get enough graphics and symbols onto a screen re: Lin. It’s so crazy, two minutes into this video, we get ‘Who’s Your Daddy’ across the screen.

That’s right, ‘Who’s Your Daddy’ gets onto Chinese SportsCenter but Robert Flores would get fired over this stunt.

Posted: Today

Premise of Video: Not like we can figure out what the Chinese version of Sage Steele is saying but she’s totally down with this cute Knicks PG Jeremy Lin. Her enunciation tells us she’s going to jump his bones when he comes to Beijing next summer to pimp Nike shoes with LeBron.

Climax of Video: Out of nowhere, these Chinese nutjobs throw up a pic of Lin covered in ‘Who’s Your Daddy.’

Conclusion: Sucky, sucky is so Vietnamese.

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