Digger Phelps Lecturing Kentucky Fans At Vandy Is A Joke, Right? [VIDEO]


We were going to let this go, but late this afternoon ESPN’s PR department released a statement with Digger Phelps name on it regarding what happened at Vandy on Saturday morning. BC told you early Saturday that Kentucky fans were going to crash the Commodores big moment on ESPN GameDay. But what happened before the show started has UK fans p*ssed off and bloggers trying to figure out why Digger Phelps is such a hardo. 

Our friends at Kentucky Sports Radio received the following message from ESPN.

Prior to each show, I address the crowd.  I respect Kentucky’s program and its passionate fan base, and look forward to following the team’s NCAA Championship run.

What’s the big deal? This lecture from Digger.

Posted: Feb. 11, 2012

Premise of Video: Digger takes the mic and tells grown adults how they’ll be acting inside an arena that doesn’t belong to ESPN. What Digger wants is for Vandy students to cheer their hearts out and UK fans to STFU.

Climax of Video: The editing here is solid. No wasted dead air. Goes balls to the walls from the second you hit play.

Conclusion: Digger, no more Ashley Judd sitting on your face. You’ve burned bridges, bub.

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