Baseball Fan Tattoos Every MLB Mascot On His Body & More Great Sports Tats [PHOTOS]


We’ve shown you stupid sports-related tattoos before, but Benjamin Christensen’s might take the cake. Or, it might be the coolest thing you’ve ever seen. We’ll let you be the judge.

Suffice it to say┬áChristensen is pretty insane about baseball and he’s jockeying for a position in the MLB Fan Cave, which is essentially a baseball-themed man cave where one person and their sidekick will get to watch every MLB game this season.

Sounds exhausting.

Anyway, Christensen’s tattoo features mascots from every MLB team, although it’s not exactly accurate. The tattoo, which took 33 hours and cost $3,500, is based on Christensen’s memories and historical references. For example, the Brewers are grouped with the American League teams even though they’ve been in the NL since 1998 and the Nationals eagle mascot is wearing a Montreal Expos jersey.

Perhaps most amusing is the Pirates Parrot is high as hell, a nod to Dock Ellis, who threw a no hitter while high on acid.

All that being said, we suspect dude will regret getting all this crap tattooed on his torso one day. In honor of Christensen, who we’re pretty sure isn’t getting laid this Valentine’s Day we’re breaking out the gallery of idiot sports-themed tattoos.

Here’s to you Ben!

[MLB Fan Cave candidate explains the stories behind his 30 MLB mascot tattoos]

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