Wayne Gretzky Wore Chicago Blackhawks Sweater At His Fantasy Camp [PHOTOS]

Let’s be clear about this to those of you born in 1990-present and we know there are many of you. Wayne Gretzky NEVER played for the Chicago Blackhawks so don’t be going on Twitter and telling your boys that you’re getting a Gretzky Blackhawks home sweater. They shouldn’t exist. Same goes for the road sweater. This is Wayne at his fantasy camp where campers pay an estimated $12,000 to put Wayne in whatever sweater you wish.

Are we NHL fans? No. Do we really care that Gretzky is wearing a Blackhawks jersey at some fantasy camp? Not really, but there are newsroom dorks at the Toronto Sun who’ll see this and plaster this across the front of tomorrow’s sports section.

Honestly, the only reason this is getting posted today is because Wayne’s daughter, Paulina, happened to be at the fantasy camp party Saturday night and was wearing this wood-inducing cherry red dress.

Wait, red? Was this like a giant fantasy camp for just Blackhawks’ fans and you even get to chose what Wayne’s daughter wears to the awards party? Unreal, these rich bastards nowdays, just throwing money around like DeSean Jackson up in a strip club.

Anyway, let the NHL dorks debate what Wayne would have done as a member of the Blackhawks. BC readers will be over here undressing his daughter.

[Wayne Gretzky Fantasy Camp]  [@PaulinaGretzky]

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