Swimmer Matt Grevers Asks Annie Chandler To Marry Him On Medal Podium [VIDEO]

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, maybe you’re looking for a creative way to pop the question. Well, you’re probably not going to do it better than this, but maybe this will offer you some inspiration.

After winning gold at the Missouri Grand Prix on Saturday, swimmer Matt Grevers got his girlfriend Annie Chandler on the medal stand with him and dropped down to a knee. Of course, everyone was astonished and Grevers went directly into the Fiancee Hall of Fame.

Chandler, who’s also a swimmer, was asked by meet organizers to present medals to the winners prior to the race. It’s a good thing Grevers won because, let’s face it, it would kind of suck to propose from the bronze medal platform.

Posted: February 11, 2012

Premise of Video: A couple of swimmers come together in a proposal you’ll probably not be able to duplicate or top. Matt Grevers pops the question to Annie Chandler from the medal podium after winning his race.

Highlight of Video: We’re not quite sure, but Chandler may have had either an orgasm or a seizure when Grevers whipped out the ring.

Conclusion: Your Valentine’s Day proposal isn’t going to measure up to this one. Sorry.
[Swimmer wins gold medal, then proposes]

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