Penn State LB Nate Stupar Gets Engaged To Marissa Lower At Beaver Stadium [PHOTOS]

How cliché is it for a football player to get engaged at the stadium where he played his college football? Very. But, Penn State linebacker Nate Stupar added a few twists to yesterday’s proposal to Marissa Lower. This guy actually sent his chick on a wild goose chase to finally get her ring. She actually had to put work into finally meeting her future husband under the stadium goalposts. Proud of you, Stupar. Total boss move.


When Lower got home from church, she found a card on her windshield that read, “I’m at the place where we first danced the night away.”

Escorted by Stupar’s brother Rob, the two drove to the downtown club formerly called The Cell Block, where another note was hanging on the door.

“Sorry, you’re too slow. I went to the place that we first kissed beneath the stars.”

Set up in a park was a blanket with another note instructing Lower to go to Chili’s, where the hostess gave her another clue to go to her cousin’s house.

There rest the final clue: “I guess I’ll go play tackle by myself unless you want to join me. I’ll be where I performed in front of 110,000 people.”

When Lower pulled up to the players’ entrance at Beaver Stadium, a trail of rose petals led her into the tunnel, where she saw Stupar holding a bouquet of flowers.

Ironic they first danced at The Cell Block, right? And how egotistical is the ‘join me where I performed in front of 110,000 people?’ Again, very, but this is a guy setting the rules in this relationship. Look, he’s probably not going to get drafted in April, but there’s always the chance he goes to Canada, starts making $40k a year and needs to keep his woman roped.

Oh, but it gets better. Stupar, just after getting engaged, dropped this Twitter nuclear bomb.

Got engaged to @MarLow02 today but leaving for Pittsburgh to get back to training. #nfldraftproblems

And Saturday night he was doing a chick flick less than 24 hours before The Proposal.

Waiting in line for a good movie is like waiting in line for a roller coaster. #anticipation #TheVow @MarLow02

We’re officially begging the Cincinnati Bengals to get this guy. 8th round. Special teams. Practice squad. Carrying water bottles. Drive Mike Brown’s Buick. Something. Pay him like $85k and he won’t bitch and moan. Please, just get this Stupar kid on the team. Doesn’t even spend engagement night with his future bride? Just one night?

Total hardo for the League. Like it. Alot.

[Stupar Surprises Girlfriend –]  [@thenastynate34]

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