Louisville’s Peyton Siva Grabbing His Teammates’ Ass [VIDEO]

Had to throw this up tonight because guys on Twitter are going nuts over Louisville guard Peyton Siva giving his teammate Chane Behanan some ass grab action during a timeout in a Syracuse victory at Freedom Hall or whatever they’re calling that arena these days. Yes, that’s a long sentence. It’s getting late, so f-off.

Anyway, our Twitter followers want to know if Siva went beyond the normal pat the ass? You make the call.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FNxCid5niDY&w=600&h=320]

Posted: 20 minutes ago

Premise of Video: Siva seems to be giving Chane some ass play that’s not the normal ass slapping play that us former basketballers are used to. Seriously, an ass grab shot clock has to be in play here. 1.5 seconds – max. We counted at least 4-5 seconds. Unacceptable.

Climax of Video: It actually looks like there might be a little bit of a butt cheek squeeze going on.

Conclusion: BC Photo Editor Big Gay Rich says his Valentine’s Day dream just came true. “Love it,” he texted. “Tight ass and doing it on national TV. Huge turn-on.” We’ll just be over here going to bed with Mrs. Busted. Your homos enjoy debating this amongst yourselves.


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