John Daly’s Indian Hotel Jolted By Terrorist Car Bombing!

John Daly isn’t cruising around the U.S. this week in his trusty RV just soaking up the miles enroute to another payday. Instead, he’s in New Delhi, India to play in the Avantha Masters and had only been in-country for about 24 hours when a car bombing rocked the junky hotel he’s holed up in this week. And when we say car bombing, we mean like an Israeli diplomat’s wife was seriously injured in the attack (see photo). We suggest keeping an eye on Daly’s timeline. 

6 hours ago:

great what is going on in this world!!!! my apt studio shook from the terror attack car bombing near Delhi embassy! Ckn Shite to go out! #nogolftoday

Well, John, see the Israeli’s and Iranians are in this game where they’re killing scientists and now wives of diplomats are being attacked. Has everything to do with nuclear bombs and crazy stuff like that. Look up 60 Minutes on the iPad. They’ve been covering it.

And a followup to that tweet:

@heartland_man oh yeah! Google it! Freaking out & Peter was just there this am getting a new green card!

According to The Daily Beast:

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu blamed Iran for the attack, which took place in the Indian capital city New Delhi. According to initial accounts, a motorcyclist attached a magnet bomb to a car transporting the wife of Israel’s defense ministry representative in India. She suffered shrapnel and blast wounds and is described as in moderate condition.

Israeli officials said she had been on her way to pick up children from a school located inside the American embassy and was stopped at a red light. Two Indian nationals, including the driver of the car, were lightly wounded.

Meanwhile, John has some golf scheduled for later this week. No word on if he’ll get a better studio, but we assume he’s working Orbitz as we type.


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