3-Foot Joe Paterno Bobblehead Fetches $3,000 On eBay! [PHOTOS]

Penn State fans will never forget. They’ll never let their memories of JoePa fade away. The emotions over his death are still running high. How high? Financially, the emotions have resulted in the sale last Thursday night of a $3,000 Paterno bobblehead that happens to be three-feet tall. Not a joke at all. Look, you give these freaks a chance to drop a month’s salary on an inanimate object wearing white Nikes and it’s go time.

The seller wrote:

Up for bid is something so special I don’t even know if I should be putting it up! This is a Limited Edition Joe Paterno 3 Foot High Penn State Bobblehead! (YES…. I said it correctly, 3 FEET HIGH!!!) There were only 500 of these made and I have #113 out of 500. Joseph Vincent Paterno, 409 Wins! My hero, a true legend in every sense of the word! Screw the media and the haters! One reason I am selling it is that I just discovered family in Norway and I have never been there. It has always been my dream to go there so if Joe Paterno can help me get there, it’s just one more accomplishment I will tack on to his legacy. Long Live Joe Paterno’s Legacy…. “Success with honor!”

You know who will be busting these out 500 at a time by Friday? The Chinese. Gotta admit, this is the first we’ve heard of someone getting to meet their long-lost Norwegian family thanks to Joe Paterno. That guy really was a giver. Gave his life right at the perfect moment so 1psuviking could cash in and go visit.

Hope you enjoy the family because this sounds like such a waste of $3k. Open a library in rural Pa. or something useful.

[The $3,000 Paterno Bobblehead]




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