Hardo Alabama Fan Popping Off Rounds In Circle K Beer Robbery [Cuff ‘Em]

Rarely do we come across a Circle K robbery in Phoenix where the suspect is a teen, has a ridiculous earring, has chin studs, a Three Stooges haircut and is wearing an Alabama hat. Whew. About as hardcore as they come these days. This pussy decided to go on a beer run way back in October and police are STILL looking for him, according to CBS5 in Phoenix. How this is just now crossing our desk is an embarrassment to local TV. 

Via the CBS5 reporter:

Police said two people described as Hispanic and between 15 and 18 years old walked into the store at 8300 W. Indian School Road around 1 a.m. on Oct. 13.

They grabbed an 18-pack of beer, pointed a gun at an employee behind the register and pulled the trigger, police said. The gun misfired and the suspects fled the store with the beer.

Both suspects were described as 5’0″ to 5’6″ tall and 150 to 170 pounds. One suspect was wearing a white shirt, black skinny jeans, black shoes and a red baseball camp with the letter “A” on the side. The other suspect was dressed in a red Old Navy T-shirt, tan cargo shorts and black shoes.

Wait, so Bama fan was wearing skinny jeans? This little punk is an even bigger poseur than we thought. How can this case still not be solved? Maybe the kid is already dead. Maybe some gangbanger dropped him during the BCS. It’s good to know the Phoenix cops won’t rest until they get these little thugs off the street.

Do you know this Bama Stooge? Afraid to turn on your homeboy? We’ll turn his ass in and split the proceeds with you.