Coed’s marketing director, Steve G., sent this over about 20 minutes ago and all he could say about Arianny Celeste yesterday in Miami was “She looks good, man.” Of course that’s the understatement of 2012. This is one of those moments where airbrushing has not occurred. This is straight off the beach lounger. Hair pulled back. Size too small bikini. Just a smokeshow UFC Ring Girl in the wild doing what she does. 

According to her Twitter account, this bikini is from Syrup Swimwear. Not sure if this was one of those promotional opportunities or if Arianny just randomly selected this wherever hot chicks by bikinis.

She later wrote:

#ifyouknowmeyouknow I’m a true goofball and a dork I love to smile and make people laugh!


[@AriannyCeleste]  [Syrup Swimwear]

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