For Jersey Chasers: J.J. Watt Bought This Texas Home For Only $400k! [PHOTOS]

Mixing it up today in the BC Cribs department. Thought we were focusing too much on the athletes who are losing their asses on real estate deals. Time to give guys making great business decisions some publicity. Let’s get started with Houston Texans #1 draft pick (11th overall) J.J. Watt and this Pearland, Texas pad. All he needs now are a few Houston smokeshows hanging out in that mini-Grotto. Your move, Watt. 

How many times do you watch Cribs or one of these Property Virgin shows and the couple is dropping like $1.2-$1.6 on some house that is clearly going to break them in a couple years? All the time, right? Now, think about the brilliance of Watt. Dude signed an $11mm deal with Houston, including a $6.6mm signing bonus.

And then guy went out and bought a $399,000 pad. What do you think Victor Cruz is living in out in New Jersey on his $500,000? Not this place. We figure Watt will be holding weekly bikini contests in that pool. Chicks just swan diving off those fake rocks. DJ to the left of the hot tub.

This just might be our new favorite white guy in the NFL.

What Watt Got For $399,000:

• 4 bed, 3.5 baths

• 4k sq. ft.

• $13,000 property taxes

• Nice granite in the kitchen

• That pool/hot tub combo

• Waterfall in the pool!

• Fountains in the pool!

Do you know a rookie who’s bought a house recently? Any sport. Send in name and Trulia/Zillow listing.

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