Coach K’s Letter To Michael Jordan After Rejecting Duke [PHOTO]

Michael Jordan is not a Duke fan. You knew that because he want to North Carolina, but it looks like he was never a Duke fan.

We showed you a Jordan recruitment letter from Dean Smith and the letter of intent he signed to play at UNC earlier this week. Now we’ve got a letter Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski sent after Jordan rejected his basketball program.

The best part is the opening line: “I’m sorry to hear that you no longer have interest in learning more about Duke University…” It’s like Krzyzewski sent Jordan some pamphlets in the mail and Jordan told Krzyzewski to fuck off.

Of course, it probably wasn’t really like that. We know Jordan visited UNC in September of 1980. He committed in April of 1981. The letter from Duke came in October of 1980, so he probably took at least a cursory glance at Krzyzewski’s program. Obviously it wasn’t among his top choices though. If it were, he would have waited at least a couple months into 1981 before telling them he had no interest.

As for the letter itself, we don’t know much about where it’s located, but the photo was tweeted by Jumpman23 manager Josh Benedek.

Unfortunately for Jordan & Co., the Dukies sank UNC the other night on a last-second three pointer by Austin Rivers. So we guess they’re getting the last laugh, for now.

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