Alex Morgan Bodypainted For Sports Illustrated [PHOTOS]

Two big questions going around the BC office today. (1.) Is that really Alex Morgan in the bodpainted bikini for Sports Illustrated? (2.) If it is, did she really need airbrushed to that extreme? Don’t get us wrong, there are other questions like “What lucky soul was given the job of painting that region?” Anyway, the Internet is freaking out today over the Team USA smokeshow and her upcoming appearance in the SI swimsuit issue. 

Sports Illustrated, sensing the obvious Internet buzz created by letting Jimmy Traina drop the news on Hot Clicks, did just that about 10 a.m. EST. The approvals didn’t take long to surface.

A chick’s reaction:

Anyone care to explain to me why AlexMorgan is so great? Is it bc she’s a good player or just bc she’s pretty?

A guy’s reaction:

ALEXMORGAN will be in the SI swimsuit magazine. She is super fine OH HELL YES!!!!!! :D :D

Of course this is a solid career move, but it leaves us wondering if she’s dumped the soccer boyfriend yet. That seems to be the next move. You get bodypainted for SI, gain instant stardom within the sports world, Evan Longoria starts texting you and the next thing you know there’s a giant diamond on your finger.

Just like when we were 12, dreams still do come true via the swimsuit issue.