YES Network’s Bob Lorenz Got Hammered & Landed DUI This Week [Cuff ‘Em]


Bob Lorenz has been around the world of sports for what seems like 25 years or so, bouncing between CNNSI, TNT & TBS. Now he’s at the YES Network living the good life. Things must be great because he’s on the hook for a DUI relating to an early Wednesday morning incident with Connecticut police. How (allegedly) hammered was our boy, Lorenz? Passed the f*ck out at a stop light. Gone. Hammered. Nappy time.

According to the Westport, Conn. newspaper:

Police said Officer John Cabral found Lorenz in the driver’s seat and unresponsive at about 3 a.m. with the vehicle’s engine idling with the transmission in drive.

“Lorenz awoke and accelerated slowly through the intersection while officers alongside the vehicle yelling for him to stop, which he did just short of striking a light pole on the right shoulder of Greens Farms Road,” a police statement said.

“He then shut off the vehicle and rolled the driver’s window down. Officers were unable to comprehend his mumbled speech and could smell a strong odor of alcoholic beverage on his breath. He failed the field sobriety tests and was taken into custody.”

Need more proof that these YES guys are living the dream. Dude is capable of going out on a Tuesday and just getting so sloppy drunk that he’s speechless. A dude who speaks for a living, just mumbling to cops.

Of course we’re on pins and needles waiting on the police booking photo. This guy’s hair is ALWAYS perfect so it’s our dream he’s a complete disheveled mess.

[@boblorenz] [Police Arrest YES Network’s Lorenz on DUI Charge]

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