Will Ferrell Introductions At Bulls-Hornets Game Are So Witty [VIDEO]


For some reason the New Orleans Hornets chose last night as its 80s night for 2012 and brought in Will Ferrell to introduce the Chicago Bulls. Bloggers are literally choking on themselves over this routine. Look, it’s funny stuff, but as you can tell from the crowd’s reaction, they were confused why Will Ferrell was in their city on a Wednesday night.

Is it really that easy to book Will these days? Just tell him it’s 80s night?

Posted: Last night

Premise of Video: Will is allowed to introduce the Chicago Bulls and comes up with a couple of one-liners that are supposed to make fans lose their sh*t. Only problem is that nobody gives two sh*ts about the Hornets and did we mention it’s a Wednesday night. Bad marketing on the Hornets part. You bring Ferrell in on a Friday night when the place is jammed and the locals have been drinking since noon.

Climax of Video: Why exactly is Ferrell a go-to name on 80s night? Anyone explain that one to us?

Conclusion: Remember when the Bulls started these introductions back in the 80s and the lights were a bitch to turn back on at old Chicago Stadium? Now we have a giant fing circus on the court. And you guys wonder why we hate this sport until early June.

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