WAG Lena Gercke Lets Futbol Boyfriend Go Handbra For GQ [PHOTOS]


Gotta admit that we’d never heard of hot German chick Lena Gercke until this afternoon when she came into our lives via her new work on the cover of GQ Germany. The model and her Real Madrid futbol playing boyfriend Sami Khedira. He’s a 24-year-old German national playing midfield for Madrid. Lena is 23, won the 2006 Germany’s Next Topmodel competition and is traveling the world modeling bras & underwear.

As for the March issue of GQ, the couple went the handbra route less than a year into the relationship. Our WAG/handbra researchers believe this is the earliest a futbol couple has gone handbra on the cover of a Euro magazine – EVER.

Translated from GQ:

“We’re both public figures and have made clear from the outset that we have to deal with it. On the other hand, is just the beginning of a relationship is a sensitive period, we did not want to jeopardize.We did not want to share with everyone, “said the footballers.

Too late now, bro. Your chick is about to become a household name with us Internet dorks. If she keeps dropping handbras we’re saying she could be a U.S. superstar. We’re thinking instead of you handbra-ing, we get Kate Upton to do the job. She’d be dumping you for Aaron Rodgers in about a week.

Your move, Lena.

[Dream Team – GQ Germany]  [Official Lena Gercke]

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