“Sanchez” Girl Is Samantha DeFalco & She Has Facebook Photos!

We’re sure you remember the video we showed you earlier this week of the dumb blond at the New York Giants Super Bowl victory parade. When asked by a local reporter who she was there to see, she yelled “Sanchez!”

Obviously, she was referring to ever-so-dreamy New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez.

Well, after becoming an Internet laughingstock, Sanchez girl decided to do two things. First, her and her friend, who was sitting on her shoulders during the incident, decided to put up a Facebook page called Sanchez Girls. Second, they decided to go on the local news to explain themselves.

It turns out the two are college students and the stupider one’s name is Samantha DeFalco. They readily admitted they aren’t fans of the Giants because they’re “fans of all teams and all players” or something like that.


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