Can $37K Student Loan Be Paid Off Via Josh Hamilton Jersey On eBay?


We think we’ll call this a sob story.

Some poor sap is trying the sell a game-worn Josh Hamilton (your 2011 AL MVP!) jersey to pay off a student loan debt. The price: $37,103.70, which is also what someone owes the federal government for their student loan payment.

The auction is happening on eBay and in addition to the photos of the jersey and description, there’s also a copy of this bill.

First, let’s get to the awesome jersey. It was worn on Jackie Robinson Day when the Rangers played the New York Yankees. It’s signed by the Texas Rangers outfielder and he also added some Biblical mumbo jumbo (1 Peter 2:24). What pretty much sucks is Hamilton broke his arm two days prior, so all he did was sit on the bench in this particular jersey.

Here’s where things get a little weird. As we mentioned, the seller is trying to make a buck off the jersey in order to repay some student loan debt. This is from the item description.

Im trying to help get some student loans paid off. As you can see from the Dept. of Education statement. $37103.70 is owed on this account. This was suppose to be at a 6.5% interest rate and no matter how much gets paid, they keep applying it to interest only! $8680.64 gets paid into this account and only $47.46 goes towards the principal?? So looking to have someone send the money DIRECTLY to the student loan payment center.. (do not send any money to me!!).. the address and the account # is listed right on the statement photo’ed. This person went to a Tech school and never graduated. The school is closed now so any credits that were earned are lost as well since they are non-transferrable. So if anyone is willing to donate money wheather its $1 to the full amount it would be GREATLY appreciated. I would send this jersey from of charge to whomever paid off this acct. If the choose to remain anonymous, then they can tell me what charity to donate the jersey to and I will do that as well! Please help out if you can and your willing!! Also looking for any suggestions or help on how to lower the interest rate or make sure more $$$ goes towards principal if paying off this account cannot be achieved.

So, let us get this straight.

The school in question is no longer around? How in the hell does that happen? What kind of chintzy operation was this? Beyond that, who in the hell pays $40,000 to go the tech school? Was the student there for 20 years?

This sounds to us like somebody got ripped off.

We’re also going to take a wild stab in the dark and say no one is going to pay anywhere near the asking price for this particular Josh Hamilton jersey. So, good luck with that bill, brah!

[$37,000 Josh Hamilton jersey – eBay]

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