Yes, Erin Andrews Was Hanging On Troy Aikman At GQ Party [PHOTOS]

Damn near forgot we had these photos to dump on you guys from the GQ Super Bowl party. Yes, Erin Andrews was flirting her ass off around Troy Aikman at the party. Yes, Troy Aikman was really at the party. So were we. And we had the camera. While The Daily claims the two “were all smiles during an intimate conversation,” that’s not entirely true. It wasn’t like Troy was exactly acting like he wanted to take EA back to his place. 

Let us build the scenario inside The Stutz Business Center in Indy where the warehouse party took place. Aikman rolled into the party with an entourage that seemed to be three deep. Erin Andrews showed up late, seemingly drunk, had a wild conversation with Brooklyn Decker on the red carpet and then went into the party with her friend. Andy Roddick and Decker had a roped off area to the right of the stage where LL Cool J had performed earlier in the night.

Aikman, still just hanging with his friends near the roped off area, was dragged into the area by Andrews who got a hug and then went into full-on chatty mode.

Our opinion: EA was throwing herself at Aikman. On the other hand, Aikman seemed to play things cool and just seemed to want to hang out. Both didn’t have a very big crew so there was obviously small talk due to lack of bodies to chat with.

Are EA & Aikman Having Sex? Highly unlikely. Aikman seemed to be the guy who was being driven nuts by a drunk chick. He seemed to be a good listener. Blah, blah, blah.

Was Aikman drinking? Yes he was. Looked like something with vodka.

Was there an attraction? Both seem to be straight.

Were they smiling at each other? Yeah, and I was smiling at Brooklyn Decker. Didn’t mean she was ready to visit the VIP Lacoste room and help me try on the shoes they were giving away to VIPs.

Great gossip story for the Internet? Absolutely. EA is in desperate mode. Getting old is a bitch and she’s hunting for a husband. Don’t blame her a bit for jumping Aikman’s bones. As for those complaining that she’s an attention whore these days, so what? We love this Erin Andrews. Enough of the ‘I’m just an innocent girl from Florida,’ routine. More GQ party nights, please.


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