Vacation With Ravens Cheerleaders At 2012 Calendar Shoot In Bahamas! [PHOTOS]


There isn’t much related to the wild world of NFL cheerleading that slips by us here at BC. Whether it’s the opportunity to ‘rent’ cheerleaders for birthday parties, bachelor parties, grandpa’s wake, grandpa’s nursing home, etc. – we’re all over it. So upon learning that the Baltimore Ravens have been allowing fans – since 2010 – to vacation with the team’s cheerleaders, Kevin the Intern was promptly fired this morning. That’s his beat. We’re very embarrassed. 

KTI was supposed to be monitoring the RSS feeds from the cheerleader tags on each of the NFL team websites that actually have cheerleaders. What he didn’t catch is that the Ravens ladies go to the Grand Bahamas with some Baltimore radio station and throw a giant party for regular greaseballs who can fork over the $700 or so for a week in paradise.

The Baltimore Ravens Cheerleaders and 98Rock are teaming up again this year for the Spring Fling trip to the Grand Bahama Islands.

Fans can join the station’s talent and staff, along with the Ravens squad of cheerleaders, at the Grand Lucayan Resort, April 8-15.

In addition to sun, fun, beaches and entertainment from 98Rock live broadcasts, fans will also be able to watch as the Ravens cheerleaders pose for photos that will be used in their 2012-2013 Swimsuit Calendar.

“We’re offering fans the ultimate getaway experience in the Bahamas,” Ravens vice president of marketing Gabrielle Dow said. “We are pulling back the curtain and allowing people to see the behind-the-scenes fun of the calendar shoot as 98Rock keeps the party going.”

Wait, did they just say we’d be able to see the action going down during the photoshoots? Suck it, terrorists. We’ve officially won. NFL teams are now pimping out their cheerleaders to us and profiting off the experience. Sweet!

Here’s what the 2009 & 2010 trips looked like.

Example Wednesday itinerary in the Bahamas:

8 a.m. – Breakfast at the breakfast joint next to the pool

8:07 – Nice plate of eggs, bacon, fruit, etc. is delivered; full selection of exotic juices delivered

8:14 – 15 Ravens cheerleaders start performing some erotic dance in their bikinis; waves crashing

8:23 – Cheerleaders are finished, juices are gone; delivery of Bloody Marys on the way

10:14 – Ravens cheerleader Lauren scheduled for elbow bra shoot by volleyball court

11:03 – Fruity rum drink time!

11:39 – Ravens cheerleader Kelli scheduled for beach shoot; needs oil boys

12:49 – Lunch; drinks

1:11 – Ravens cheerleader Anna bikini shoot at the chocolate fountain

2:00 – Break for drinks and swim time with 22 Ravens cheerleaders on their off day

4:15 – Ravens cheerleader Heather & Holly combo shoot in said pool

6:00 – Dinner, drinks, cheerleaders feeding us strawberries covered in booze infused whipped cream

7:48 – Nightly cheerleader dance-off; fan applause determines winner

9:12 – More drinks

10:47 – Optional trip add-on: Ravens cheerleaders give back massages

10:48 – Drinks delivered

10:49 – Divorce papers delivered

11:59 – Ravens cheerleader Holly claims she can’t come to your room because she has a boyfriend back in Howard County, Md. whom she could never cheat on

Conclusion: How is this trip not already sold out? 40 cheerleaders in the Bahamas and barely wearing clothes for a week? No brainer. This is the greatest travel idea to come to vacationing since the invention of all-you-can-drink trips to Cancun.

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