Moron Giants Fan Climbs Building For Better Parade View [VIDEO]


Of course the stupid videos from yesterday’s Giants parade are rolling in, and this honey hole is where we spend our energy for the next three days. Take this idiot climbing a Manhattan building to get into a window where fans are egging him on. Yep, they shut the window on his dumbass. How does he get down? Easy, he drops into the arms of cops who are waiting below.

Dick move by the people in the window? Of course, but who would let a crazed fan climb two stories and then let him in? Not us.

Posted: Yesterday

Premise of Video: (via vlogger) A Giants fan climbs up a building during the Ticker Tape Parade in an attempt to reach the window, from where a couple of people had been watching and encouraging the guy to climb up. Once he got up there, they shut the window and refused to let him in, and the poor guy was left hanging. He eventually fell and the cops arrested him. #Fail

Climax of Video: Roberto thinks the people are about to let him in their window. Oops.

Conclusion: Really surprised we have yet to come across morons climbing light poles. This will have to suffice before lunch.


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