Duke-UNC Night: Callie Rivers Is Dating UNC Guard Dexter Strickland [PHOTOS]

It’s important that we provide a little background here. Callie Rivers is former University of Florida volleyball player, daughter of Boston Celtics coach Doc, sister of Duke guard Austin.

So what’s important here isn’t her athletic prowess or her lineage, but the fact that her brother plays for Duke and her boyfriend plays for North Carolina — she’s dating guard Dexter Strickland, who’s out for the season with a knee injury. Duke and North Carolina clash tonight and we assume Callie will have some sort of internal conflict when it comes to her rooting interest.

She’s attended both Duke and North Carolina games this season and although no one really wants to talk about Callie and Dexter’s relationship, it appears she openly supports both her brother and boyfriend, even though they’re rivals.

“It’s a different situation,” Austin said. “I don’t think it’ll matter to her; I think she’ll just support us both.”

It probably makes things a little easier that the Rivers family and Strickland are friendly. Dexter and Austin know each other from AAU and high-school All-Star games.

Frankly, we don’t care about any of that, though. We’re more interested in Callie, who played at Florida from 2007-10, and has a volleyball player’s body, if you know what we mean.

Take a look for yourself.

[Callie Rivers in awkward spot with brother]

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