Pawn Shop Drops 900 Pounds Of Butterfingers In Boston For Wes Welker [Photos]


New England Patriots receiver Wes Welker is normally a sure-handed guy, but his drop in the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl proved to be a pivotal play in what turned out to be a New York Giants‘ victory.

The Patriots were up 17-15 with just over four minutes remaining when Welker dropped the pass just outside of the Giants’ 20. What could have been? Well, a 24-15 lead, for one. Of course, the point is moot now. The Giants are champs and Welker is a goat.

Some Giants fans are determined not to let the receiver forget his blunder either. Online pawn shop Pawngo, in a publicity stunt they’re happy to tell everyone about, dumped 900 pounds of Butterfinger candy bars in Boston’s Copley Square in honor of Welker.

While Giants fans celebrated their victory at the Parade in New York City – Boston locals got a 900 pound sweet surprise courtesy of Pawngo in the center of Copley Square in the heart of Boston. 900 pounds, or 8,000 bars of Nestle Butterfingers were piled high with a sign entitled, “Thank you Wes Welker” – making everyone in the area stop to take pictures, grab a bar, and have a laugh.

Have a laugh, huh? Are they referring to the same humorless prick Boston sports fans we’re familiar with?

Buttahfingah! Buttafingah! Free Buttafingah! Get it while it lasts, people.


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