Maxim Super Bowl Party Highlighted By Passed Out Black Eye Guy [PHOTOS]

Of course we won’t rest this week until we finally nail down a name to the guy – with a black eye – at Saturday’s Maxim Super Bowl party who was passed out on a bench inside the Indiana State Fairgrounds building. Team Busted Coverage/Coed Magazine was about 15 minutes from leaving the superhero-themed boozefest when this guy stole our hearts. The perfect head positioning. By himself. Black eye. 

Our other adventures at the party were documented yesterday, so we saved Passed Out Black Eye Guy for today as to let him get the proper recognition after a fuzzy Monday for most of Indianapolis.

What do we know about POBEG? Guessing late 30s, early 40s. Good chance he’s not from Indy. Thinking Boston. Seemed to work in finance. Might trade stocks. Drives an A6. Appreciates a good hair gel and jeans from Banana Republic.

We gathered girls within 10 feet of POBEG and asked them to pose. As you can see he was eventually brought back to life via the scent of life. The scent of female. It was like a smelling salt. POBEG was back to life, throwing us high-fives and ready to get himself another tasty Patrón.

Of course POBEG isn’t going down like a pussy before 3 a.m. Soldering on.

This is where we need your help. Let’s properly recognize POBEG. Send a name, Twitter account, Facebook account, etc. Of course his boss is going to think this is hilarious.

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