Matt Cain Unloading S.F. Bro Pad With Ikea Kitchen At Loss; $1.8MM [PHOTOS]

Matt Cain is due for a pay raise after the 2012 season and he’ll either get a huge contract from the Giants or sign elsewhere as a free agent. So what’s the logical move at this point? Sell that $1.8mm house you’ve been slumming in while playing in San Fran. He’ll make $15,000,000 this season and will probably demand at least that over 6-7 years in his next contract. Is this a move to rid himself of a house before leaving for NY?

As for this house, it’s been on the market since September and has gone through three price changes in that time. Dude wants to sell this house. Writing is on the wall. He bought it for just over $2mm in ’08.

Highlights Of Matt Cain’s Soon-To-Be-Old Home:

• 4 bed, 3 bath

• Sweet windows that look like they’re out of an old Wendy’s

• Sweet modern touches

• Bro, it has a 6-burner Thermador range w/ pot filler

• 2-car garage

• No man cave; react accordingly

• So much natural light you’ll eventually want to move to Ohio in winter

• Those weird bathroom sinks that look like a pain in the ass to use

• No yard to maintain!

Asking Price: $1,795,000

Mortgage: $6,600 (figure on some insane taxes & lots of money spent on window washers)

[Buy Matt Cain’s House – Trulia]