For The Ladies: Gronk Dancing At Patriots Super Bowl Party [VIDEOS]


At this point you’re well aware that Rob Gronkowski’s ankle held up pretty well at the Patriots post-Super Bowl bash which was held like an hour after the team lost to the Giants. Anyway, Gronk acted just as you’d expect a 22-year-old to act after losing the Super Bowl. Dude grinded on some chicks, danced with his fellow New England bros and threw his arms in the air like he just didn’t care. No worries, you might never get back to a Super Bowl. 

Our buddies at The Nosebleed sent word that there were videos floating around of Gronk doing his best rager. This is what Boston media will be talking about today.

Posted: At some point yesterday

Premise of Video: You get the idea. Post-game party, no responsible adult to handle Gronk. Fellow bros. A DJ spinning tunes. Blah, blah, blah.

Climax of Video: Some guy slapping Gronk’s ass as he prepares to rage to LMFAO.

Conclusion: Should be a fun offsesason. Odds that Gronk is ‘dating’ a chick with giant hooters by July 4th: -650

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