BC At GQ Super Bowl Party: Where We Unleash The Lovely Ashley Salazar [VIDEO]

Yes, we’ve been ramming Super Bowl party stories down your throat this week because (A.) GQ & Maxim actually let us in, and (B.) the crew at GQ treated us like kings and have to be the most chill party throwers on the Super Bowl circuit. Of course it didn’t hurt that we had the lovely Ashley Salazar (@ashleycmsalazar) handling the questioning duties.

Like David Arquette, T.O., Hines Ward & Andy Roddick wouldn’t stop to chat with Ashley. Of course they did.

What was our main objective at these parties besides putting a hot chick next to athletes and watch them try to maintain composure? Not much. Maybe have a few drinks, breath the same air as Brooklyn Decker. Tell Kevin Frazier how much we appreciate his work on The Insider. Get free shoes from Lacoste.

Speaking of Lacoste shoes, you should have seen how many bags T.O. carried out of this party. Seriously, like 8 bags loaded with gear. Makes total sense since he’s pretty much burned through $80,000,000 and even had his child support lowered over the weekend.


*Special thanks goes out to these sponsors who let us do our thing without some crazy PR agent getting all whiny. Thanks for throwing a great party.

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For The Ladies: Gronk Dancing At Patriots Super Bowl Party [VIDEOS]
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