Gronk Got Shirtless With LMFAO Last Night After Super Bowl Loss [PHOTO]


Someone should probably remind this moron he didn’t just win the Super Bowl. How quickly did the Patriots put Super Bowl XLVI behind them? Oh, by 11 or so last night when the Patriots post-Super Bowl party at Victory Field (3-wood from Lucas Oil) where LMFAO, Earth, Wind & Fire, Maroon 5 and Steven Tyler performed. The big news from the party? Rob Gronkowski got shirtless during the LMFAO set. 

This photo is floating around the Internet and is 100% from last night. As Deadspin reported just an hour or so ago, Matt Light was also shirtless last night. And the boys were fist pumping.

What, you expected these guys to go back to a hotel room and sulk? There is poon to be had that has been texting these guys for 8 days, just waiting to unleash on the Gronk. Of course this guy is going to oblige his fans.

Here’s Gronk before he started tearing off layers (via @sterlingroot17)

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