Crying Patriots Fan Not Handling SB XLVI Loss Very Well [VIDEO]


Poor, poor Boston sports fan, especially Patriots fan. Life must be hard not having a world champion to celebrate every six months. Take this ridiculous Patriots girl and her wails as Eli Manning was balling on Hoodie’s dream team. She’s lived her life cheering for winners – since birth. We figure she’s 16, maybe 17. So she would have been 5 or 6 in 2002? Fuzzy math. Didn’t get much sleep.

Anyway, suck it up, darling. Tommy can’t win ’em all.

Posted: Last night

Premise of Videos: Patriots girl can’t stand how Eli is driving the Giants to a game-winning field goal, oops, game-winning TD. Tommy is supposed to win these games.

Climax of Video: The greyhound yawning over the girl’s ridiculous outburst.

Conclusion: Wait until she finds out later in life that marrying a dreamy guy like Tommy Brady isn’t in the cards. Instead, Ms. Patriots Fan will have to settle with some loser, greaseball who doesn’t wear Uggs and ponytails during Carnival.

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