Busted Coverage At Maxim Super Bowl Party: Hot Chicks, Ludacris & Cal Ripken! [PHOTOS]


What’s the best part of a Maxim Super Bowl party? Um, the ladies followed closely by the unlimited quantities of Patrón poured by cute chick bartenders. Saturday’s superhero-themed party at the Indiana State Fairgrounds might not have attracted as many big time celebrity names as Maxim had hoped, but the scene inside was just fine thanks to ladies who brought their ‘A’ games & an insane special set from Ludacris. Of course we took a camera into the party. 

As for how we got into the actual party, special thanks goes out to our special red carpet correspondent Ashley Salazar (@ashleycmsalazar). Without her great looks and ability to small talk the Maxim party staff, we would have been stuck on the outside looking in. Around midnight we were escorted into one of the fairground buildings where we found old steel beams, multiple drink stations, Ludacris just taking the stage and a great male/female ratio.

Highlights of the 2012 Maxim Super Bowl Party:

• Um, Jim Irsay. The guy spent somewhere around 8 minutes chatting with Ashley about football, Twitter and even quotes from Nelson Mandela.

• A Cal Ripken/Pat Riley bro-fest. They were actually in the same crew. And left in same crew.

• Jessie James hanging on the arm of Eric Decker. She’s every bit as advertised.

• Maxim’s red carpet reporter April Rose. She’s the tall chick wearing the red dress.

• Takeo Spikes grinding the paint off the tail of some chick during Ludacris set

• Jeff Gordon actually showing up and then being a bore on the carpet

• Kudos to Kyle and Samantha Busch. They were a party on the red carpet.

• Drinking next to Frank Catalanotto. Like, he just ends up there out of thin air.

• An Indy reporter, upon landing a red carpet interview with Greg Jennings, said on live TV – “Greg Jennings, OMG!” Yes, she said it exactly like that. O-M-G!

• Short drink lines; lighting quick drink service

• Old, white guys bouncing their heads to Ludacris

• A Tabasco tasting station

• Patrón gift bags full of golf balls, iPhone cases & Paul Mitchell hair slime for dudes.

• The chick hitting on cops in an unmarked cruiser as we were leaving. Great guys just enjoying the sh*t out of her halfway into their car.

Analysis: Was it worth $1,800 for a ticket on the black market? Depends on how much alcohol you’re capable of drinking. Excellent access to slap shoulders or jersey chase athletes. Nice, open venue with space to chill out and hit on chicks. As for the ladies, and the chance to take one home, your chances were extremely good. The key is to wear a suit jacket and pretend you’re from L.A. or Dallas.

[Maxim Magazine]    [@ashleycmsalazar]

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