Tom Brady’s Palace Is Done Just In Time [Photos]

Win or lose on Sunday, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady can’t be all that depressed. He and supermodel wife Giselle’s 22,000-square-foot Los Angeles palace was recently completed.

We first told you about the Bradys’ Brentwood home in December, when it was still under construction. Apparently, Tom told the contractors to hurry the hell up and get it done so he could spend the offseason in it with his wife and kid. Who could blame him? Only an idiot would want to live in Boston during the winter.

The Bradys paid $11 million for the land (3.75 acres) in 2008 and dropped another $20 million on the house. Of course, that’s a drop in the bucket for Tom and Giselle. They’re reportedly worth $90 million.

So what are we talking about with this pad?

  • 8 bedrooms
  • 6-car garage
  • lagoon-shaped pool with spa
  • weight room’
  • nursery
  • butler’s room
  • wine cellar
  • a bridge connects the two wings

Yeah, Tom Brady’s pad has two wings in it, which is two more wings than your place has. So, like we said. Even if Tom and his Patriots get crushed tomorrow, we’re pretty sure he’ll be just fine.
[Tom Brady’s New $20M, 22,000 sq-ft Mansion – Finished]

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