Butler’s Ronald Nored Suffers Disgusting Cracked Tooth [Photo]

The Butler Bulldogs are having a pretty average season. They’re 13-12 and 7-6 in the Horizon League after suffering a painful 65-61 loss to Detroit today. No one is likely in more pain than guard Ronald Nored, though.

That’s because Nored, who normally looks like the dude you see above, now looks like the dude you see below. That’s right. He cracked his front tooth after diving for a loose ball during today’s game. Actually, he didn’t really crack it. The damn thing broke in half.

Essentially, Nored’s face bounced off the floor when he went for the ball.

Nored is no stranger to injuries — he’s had a concussion and stress fractures in both knees that required surgery, where doctors inserted titanium rods in his legs.

This is pretty much what Nored does, though. He’s a defensive stopper and former Horizon League Co-Defensive Player of the Year. Unfortunately, Nored didn’t help the Bulldogs offensively on Saturday when they needed him. He was 0-for-7 from the field. He did contribute five rebounds and nine assists.

Oh, and the most disgusting injury of the college basketball season, thus far.

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