34 Most Mesmerizing Kate Upton Faces At Super Bowl XLVI [PHOTOS]

Bucket list item: ‘Breath the same air and be within an arm length of Kate Upton.’ Yep, I can check that one off the must-do-in-this-life list. Done. Over. Happened yesterday at the Super Bowl radio row. First thing Kate told those of us on the FoxSports.com set was that she wasn’t feeling so great. She then went on to have¬† a stellar conversation with Fox Sports’ Laura Okmin. Meanwhile, we were documenting this moment.¬†

So what’s it like to be so close to perfection? Mesmerizing.

The first thing you notice about Ms. Upton is her height. Sure, the heals help, but she’s naturally tall (not even wasting time to look up how tall). And then the brain starts to digest her legs. Like bamboo poles covered in denim. Long, perfectly flowing, still just 19-years-old.

Do we remember her voice? Not really. When asked to do the Victor Cruz salsa, she seemed confused. After a little prodding from Okmin, Upton attempted a salsa by shaking her chest.

The chins belonging to the Fox Sports’ production crew hit the floor. The men in the group realized what they’d just experienced and seemed to have a feeling that what they’d just witnessed wouldn’t be leaving their memory any time soon.

Kate’s segment would end, she thanked everyone for their time and moved over to the Sports Illustrated set. Our time with greatness was over – until 10 days or so when the new swimsuit issue hits newsstands.

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