Tim Tebow Ignoring All The Scattered Ass At Super Bowl [Photos]


Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow, he of the Jesus talk and intact virginity, has been surrounded by temptation at the Super Bowl. And, in typical Tebow fashion, he’s managed to pay absolutely no attention to it.

Jesus Boy was at the Bud Light Hotel party last night chilling on the balcony doing… whatever it is sober people do at a party where everyone else is getting messed up. The Chosen One was surrounded by nearly-naked chicks (as you can see above). We’re talking ass, ass and more ass, but he didn’t even cast a wayward glance.

Tim was hanging out on the balcony at the Bud Light Hotel party … when his buddy heard a fan down on the street begging Tebow to sign his hat.

Tebow — being awesome — instructed his buddy to signal to the fan to throw the hat up to the balcony … which he did. Tebow put his Hancock on the lid and got it back to the fan.

Awww… you’re such a swell guy Timmy! Praise the Lord!

Today, Tebow was at it again. He appeared on The Dan Patrick show this morning. Also appearing where models Kate Upton and Chrissy Teigen. Of course, the girls just had to get a photo with Mr. Wholesome.

Teigen posted it to Twitter. Who wants to bet Tebow doesn’t even have a boner?

Actually, here’s a better question — Teigen or Upton?

[TIM TEBOW’S LAST TEMPTATION] [Chrissy Teigen Twitter]

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