This Kid Will Kick Your Ass At Ping Pong [Video]

When we say kid, maybe we’re not being accurate. We actually mean baby.

How in the hell we didn’t see this earlier, we’re not sure. Maybe we were overly concerned with football or something, but we’ve got it now.

Anyway, this baby is like some kind of machine — a ping-pong-playing machine. The dude just keeps serving up balls and the baby just keeps banging the hell out of them… at least when he’s paying attention. Granted, not all of the kid’s shots are perfect, but they’re better than any of yours.

You’ve really got to see it to believe it.


Posted: January 16, 2012

Premise of Video: This baby — yes, baby! — is playing ping pong. Yes, the balls are being hit right at him, but he’s a baby, so give him some credit.

Highlight of Video: The kid loses focus for a bit, but then comes back strong and starts banging the hell out of those ping pong balls!

Conclusion: Forest Gump will probably have some competition for the title of greatest U.S. ping pong player of all time down the road.

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