Madonna May Channel Victor Cruz At Halftime Of Super Bowl

We’d consider ourselves bigger Madonna fans than Victor Cruz fans.

Why? Because like the rest of the people who don’t live in New York, we could care less about the New York Giants. Madonna, on the other hand, makes sweet music that’s good for romancing the ladies.

Although he’s a hell of a receiver, Victor Cruz hasn’t done jack for us. Right about now you’re wondering where I’m going with all this, aren’t you? Fear not, the answer is nigh!

Madonna is the halftime entertainment at the Super Bowl and, of course, Cruz’s crappy team is playing in it. After scoring a touchdown earlier this season, Cruz broke out some salsa moves in the end zone. When the media throng sat down with The Material Girl this morning, the talk somehow turned to Cruz and the Giants, which is when Madge admitted she learned how to salsa because of Cruz.

“Absolutely. In fact, he’s inspired me, I’ve been practicing my salsa moves” the “Like a Virgin” singer said before gyrating during a news conference.

Like a virgin, my ass. Oh… sorry.

So, if Madonna breaks out some salsa moves during her show on Sunday, we only have Cruz to thank.

What else did we learn about the halftime show? Madonna is planning to perform three classic songs and one new one. Anyone want to wager “Justify My Love” isn’t among them?

Here’s where Madonna’s “inspiration” came from.

[Madonna says Giants’ Cruz inspired her to learn salsa]

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