Darren Rovell Super Bowl Tweet Up News: Twitter Explosion Planned!


Of course I wasn’t going to miss the opportunity to finally meet my food photo uploading and  ticket price providing Twitter hero Darren Rovell this week at the Super Bowl. @darrenrovell was the honored guest last night at a tweet up with his fans at a brew pub within the Indy city market. Doesn’t sound exciting? Giants stud TE Jake Ballard stopped and stayed for about two hours.

Name another party last night that included a guy playing in the actual game? You can’t. Relax, Ballard minded his own business, chatted with his friends and some girls and drank water.

As for Rovell, he wanted BC to break the news that he has 55 tweets scheduled for Sunday and is aiming for 125 total Super Bowl tweets. He seemed proud of this fact, a smile showing his proud achievement. Darren said he’ll be watching the game at home and has a wild idea for next year where he’d live tweet the Super Bowl from one of his follower’s homes.


Ballard with new friend of BC – @rlstearns

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