Maryland Coach Mark Turgeon Has Student Imitators [Photos]


That’s right. Gary Williams retired as Maryland basketball coach after last season, didn’t he?

Hell, we wouldn’t even have remembered that if it weren’t for some rascally students at the University of Maryland’s basketball games. Apparently, the Terps chose Mark Turgeon as their new coach at some point and, we assume, announced this to nobody.

Why did we have no idea who Turgeon is/was? Well, probably because he coached at that hotbed of college hoops, Texas A&M, previously. He has the Terps, who were pretty much predicted to do nothing this season, at 13-7 and 3-3 in the ACC, as of February 1.

Not bad and actually, good enough to get some fans of his own.

Six Maryland students can now regularly be seen at home games behind the Terps’ bench dressed as Turgeon. They wear dark suits, ties and even put some powder in their hair to mimic the coach’s gray spots.

The group, which was originally started by two friends, features both male and female Turgeons. The coach’s actual wife has even taken pictures with each one of her fake husbands.

“My friend, Cory, and I came up with the Turgeon suit idea over winter break because of the lack of excitement and support he received early on,” said Jamie Morris.

“Obviously, Cory and I are very big Turgeon fans. We’re impressed by his honesty and character, plus he has done a phenomenal job, in our opinions.”

Well, he’s done a decent job. Not really a Gary Williams’ job, but hey, what are you gonna do?

More importantly, the rest of us now have a reason to watch Maryland basketball, at least for a few minutes.
[Maryland students dress like Mark Turgeon]

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