NFL Network’s Lindsay Soto Asks Bill O’Brien About His Balls In The Air [VIDEO]

Lindsay Soto and Deion Sanders are handling the on-field reporting duties from today’s Super Bowl XLVI media day. Of course Prime Time is asking the off the wall questions while Soto is sticking to her journalistic roots by asking the serious stuff. She cornered Bill O’Brien, the new Penn State head coach, and wanted to know about having his balls in the air.

Wait, what did she just say?

Posted: Just happened 25 minutes ago

Premise of Video: Gotta ask something so start off the first question about balls. Gotta love Lindsay for going straight to the balls. Right off the bat. Not missing a beat.

Climax of Video: Balls

Conclusion: Hadn’t paid a minute of notice to Soto at the NFL Network this year until Media Day and she drops a balls reference. Good work, Soto. You just got our attention for the rest of the week. We’ll see you in Indy starting tomorrow.