Anna Watson: Georgia Cheerleader Is 100% Real [PHOTOS]

About three months ago a photo started floating around the message boards of a Georgia cheerleader built like a dude. It turns out that Anna Watson is real and is probably stronger than 95% of BC readers. Her story is making its rounds this week, but many of the sites doing their thing forgot to aggregate Anna’s best photos.

Here we thought this was some sort of Photoshop job by SEC freaks with nothing better to do. Not so at all. Georgia student newspaper Red & Black recently chatted with Anna and gave us insight to those gun boats.

Anna Watson had a 50-pound weight swing in the last year. She’s eaten 900-calorie mass gainer shakes, mixed with milk and peanut butter. She’s bench pressed 155 pounds. She’s sculpted four inches of muscles on her arms in ten months — naturally.

She’s been on the cusp of a $75,000 fitness-modeling contract.

She’s obsessed over working out, leaving her miserable and tired.

She left behind that possible modeling career after a suggestion for her to use a legal steroid.

She drank only a sip of alcohol before her 21st birthday, and that came at communion.

Go read the rest of it. Anna is a machine and you’d never find us crossing her in a bar fight. Of course she’d fling your 200-lb. ass through bar windows.

As for what’s on your mind, nope not interested in sex with a chick who is ripped. Ever see that episode of Giggalos where the guy has to bang the bodybuilder chick? It made us cry – for the dude.

[Red & Black]

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