UPDATE: Terry Francona Went Out To Red Lantern Friday Night, Minded His Business

Had a phone conversation with Terry Francona this afternoon concerning his activities at the Red Lantern bar on Friday night. Terry says he was out and about, took about 30 photos with fans but he never bought drinks for any chicks and was pretty much just minding his business. There were some unscrupulous rumors on Twitter that the ex-Sox skipper needs to put to bed. We’ll believe Terry’s word over some dumb broad any day of the week.

“I was out and not really doing much, kinda minding my own business” Terry told us this afternoon. “I ended up taking pictures with people and this is what happens.”

“I took about 30 pictures but I didn’t buy anyone drinks,” he added.

And there you have it. Next time you dumb chicks want to start making up stories about Terry, we now have a direct line of communication so don’t even try to fool us.

[Research via @Sportsfeeder1]