Skip Schumaker’s 2012 Topps Baseball Card Includes Stupid Rally Squirrel

We weren’t really sure who Skip Schumaker was until today. While some people would tell you he’s a second baseman who plays for the St. Louis Cardinals, Topps apparently thinks he’s a squirrel.

The trading card company is releasing their first series of baseball cards for the 2012 season Wednesday and Schumaker’s card is literally a photo of a squirrel. It’s not just any squirrel though. It’s the Rally Squirrel — the varmint that ran across the Busch Stadium field twice in one game during the playoffs.

Topps decided to honor the Cardinals World Series run by making Schumaker’s card a shot of the Rally Squirrel. The only part of Schumaker that appears in the card is his foot.

“It was a collaborative decision at Topps,” Topps spokesperson Matthew Altman said. “Thought the Rally squirrel would be a fun way to pay tribute to the Cardinals World Series run.

“The players don’t see the cards beforehand; they have to be approved by MLB but players do not see them and since the cards don’t come out until Wednesday, Skip has not seen it yet.”

We’re sure he’ll be thrilled.

Schumaker’s major league career, which consists of more than 2,000 at-bats and a .290 career average, has pretty much just been boiled down to a confrontation with a squirrel.
[Yes, this is actually Skip Schumaker’s baseball card]