Lingerie Football Playoffs Were Live & Included Depantsing [VIDEO]

We tried to warn other bloggers that the Lingerie Football League playoffs were going to be live yesterday. Of course our morning surfing rounds show that nobody, but BC, was paying attention to the action which was carried live. Why does that matter? Because the LFL hasn’t been on live for like 7 weeks. Why does that matter? Because tape delay allows the league to edit out moments of depantsing.

Again, last night was LIVE.

Posted: We got around to it this morning

Premise of Video: Midway through the first half of last night’s L.A. Temptation vs. Las Vegas Sin. Ashley Salerno, L.A.’s QB takes off for the end zone. Did the play-by-play guy just say that chick QB’d her high school team for two years? And the LFL isn’t bombarding our asses with emails on that kind of knowledge? Um, why not?

Climax of Video: Dump button operator didn’t time that very well. We’ve got white booty!

Conclusion: Why so blurry? Because HD gets us an email from LFL HQ. We figure this will give you guys an idea of what happened without a nasty letter from the league. Oh, and L.A. won this game, in case that mattered.