Giants Superfan Can Buy This $20k+ Superfan Harley Or Destroy Indy [PHOTOS]

There are choices to be made for Giants’ superfans. You can either take $25,000 and invade Indy for the weekend of your life and have money left over or buy this 2010 Harley Fat Boy for over $20,000. If that price sounds high, relax. The gas tank is signed by all the big names from the 2010 team, including your hero, Eli.

Harley with five miles of usage vs. four straight nights of strip clubs & watching Super Bowl live? Your call.

The eBay seller reports:

Just in time for the super bowl! you are bidding on a one of a kind Harley-davidson fatboy signed by the new york Giants in 2010!!! (T)his is a once in a lifetime chance to have a piece of memorabilia like this as the giants get ready to win the super bowl! (T)his bike has never been riden and has been in a private collection since signed.

Personally, this one is simple – Super Bowl trip.

• First-class to Indy

• Four nights at the Westin

• Super Bowl ticket 40-45 yard line, lower bowl

• Great dinners, four nights at Rick’s Cabaret

• Maxim party ticket on Saturday

• Playboy party ticket on Sunday

The big issue is finding one of your boys to match you dollar for dollar on this dream sports trip. You’re still only looking at about $20,000 for the above trip. The Harley is nice and all, but the stories of that bike 30 years from now will suck compared to stories of strippers doing crazy acrobatics in your Westin room.

The Harley will eventually be lost in a divorce. However, she can never take away your precious Super Bowl memories.

[Buy this Harley signed by 2010 NY Giants]