Name Blonde In Mike Vick’s Entourage Last Night At UFC On Fox Chicago [PHOTO]

It was our maiden voyage into the world of bedazzled shirts & long lines at the men’s bathroom at a UFC fight. Last night in Chicago wasn’t really about the fights for us. Yes, Rashad Evans got a decision over Phil Davis & his shot Jon Jones & the light heavyweight belt. And, of course, Chael Sonnen should now get his rematch with Anderson Silva. All great stuff, but one item really stuck out in our minds. Who is that blonde rolling in Mike Vick’s entourage? 

While the rest of the Internet media dorks were busy walking like a heard from their cageside seats, I was backstage waiting on the post-fight presser. That’s where Vick was hanging with his posse. Blah, blah, blah. Yep, his one shoe is untied.

Yes, we’ve heard from 20 of you referencing dog fighting. So the guy likes humans and dogs fighting in cages. Action junky.

This photo was fired onto Twitter without even vetting the other posse members. It took about 15-seconds before our followers wanted a name, address, Twitter account, etc. of the blonde. Know her? Yes, that’s the only angle I shot her from.

[email protected]

Other observations from UFC Chicago:

• Sellout crowd (18,000+)

• Reserved crowd. Only saw security throw one guy out. No fights in the crowd from what we could see from the 100-level. Guys who were drinking didn’t even get beer muscles. Shocker.

• Beer sales straight through the main event. $9.25 for a Bud.

• God bless those folks who sat in the nosebleeds. Better view at home, but they at least can say they were in attendance.

• Bruce Buffer is even more impressive live

• Bisping’s hair is even more impressive live

• Insane lines at the men’s bathroom. Going on a limb and saying the crowd was 85% men.

• The UFC’s in-house DJ is insane. Just about every genre of music you can think of was played. Dude is dialed in.

• The UFC in-house highlight reel before Maia-Weidman fight using The Who’s Baba O’Riley gave us goosebumps. Here’s an example video.

• $400 for a fake UFC championship belt is a little extravagant

• How weird was it that there was a ‘CPD’ chant at the United Center for Chicago cop Mike Russow? The guy is 35, now 4-0 in the UFC and got to fight in front of numerous family and friends.

• Dana, seriously, robotic cameras atop the cage. Can we please get rid of the four guys running video cameras and the still photographer? If the U.S. can bomb Afghanistan from an unmanned drone, the UFC can solve this issue.

• Great looking buffet for media types. Didn’t hit it, but the UFC doesn’t skimp on the Internet dorks.

• As for the in-person experience, gotta say it was pretty much a snoozer. Phil Davis could do nothing against Rashad. The most impressive fighter nobody is talking about this morning is Lavar Johnson, a heavyweight. Dude was making his UFC debut after fighting in WEC. He’s big, extremely strong, fights mean and was made available to the media even though he fought in the second fight of the night.

Chael Sonnen Is A Post-Fight Interview Machine [VIDEO]
Chael Sonnen Is A Post-Fight Interview Machine [VIDEO]
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