Was Matthew Barnaby Drinking Wine At San Marco Italian Joint Last Night? [PHOTO]


Of course BC was starting to wonder if Matthew Barnaby would ever return to Twitter after his insane early December DUI arrest. Our hero was driving on the rim of his Porsche with sparks flying all over the road. The former NHLer had also hit something along his route home from the bar. It was one of those moments where it would seem logical to step away from alcohol for possibly ever.

Pfft, not Barns. Dude is back on Twitter & drinking Pepsi? Take last night, for example.

With my boys at san marco!!! So good

San Marco would be an Italian joint in Buffalo. But, what’s in that wine glass? That isn’t wine, right?

Barns addressed that on Twitter.

Drinking water and a real cold pepsi tonight!!! Thx for the tweets

Um, since when did Italian joints pour Pepsi in wine glasses? Maybe that’s not his wine. Maybe it belongs to the guy in the back. Maybe we’re just reading into this one way too much. Maybe we’re counting the wine glasses on the table wrong.

Maybe Barns asked for his Pepsi in a wine glass to screw with Twitter followers. Maybe he is just jerking around as an f-you to Buffalo prosecutors and immigration officials.

Afterall, a DUI doesn’t mean a guy has to give up wine with his Italian dinner.

Do you work at San Marco? Did you see Barnaby drinking wine last night? Tell us what was going down.


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